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It's easier than you think to create healthy, delicious homemade sourdough bread from scratch

The basis of sourdough is a homemade yeast starter created from
airborne yeast particles, which can be kept and used for baking
for years if kept in the right conditions! The nature of creating it,
means it will have it's own unique taste, so it's fun to give it a name
and share with friends!

Sourdough Step 1


• Carr's Strong White flour
• 1 litre clear jar with lid
• Tap water
• Spatula / spoon
• Waterproof marker
(to name your starter!)

Sourdough Step 2CREATE YOUR STARTER...

• Mix 100g of flour with 125ml slightly
warm water
• Stir until all the lumps have gone to give
you a smooth, thick batter.
• Leave the jar open for a couple of hours
to allow the airborne yeast particles in,
then put the lid on.
• Leave for 24hrs at room temperature (approx 20-24˚C).

Sourdough Step 3FEED YOUR STARTER!

• After 24 hours feed your starter!
• Scoop out half of the mixture and throw away.
• Replace with 100g Carr's Strong White flour and 125ml tepid water.
• Stir well to create a smooth batter.
• Repeat this for the next 6 days
(you can keep track with the chart below).


• After a few days bubbles should start appearing on the surface.
• It will start to smell of yeast with a slight acidic edge.
• The time this fermentation occurs will vary, but by
the 8th day it should be quite bubbly and smell sweet.
• To test your starter for baking, put a small amount on
a teaspoon and drop into a glass of water. If the batter sinks
continue discarding and feeding, if it floats- you're ready to bake!

Start baking with our Basic Sourdough Loaf

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