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fabflour- Flour Advisory Bureau

Since 1956 FAB has been providing information on all matters relating to flour and bread in the UK to the public, media, schools, health professionals, the catering, retailing and baking trade. Focus is placed on promoting the variety, versatility, vitality and nutritional value of bread.

Fabflour | Carr's Flour
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Grain Chain

Get inspired with free, easy to use classroom resources for teachers and give your pupils a head start when it comes to curriculum based learning for food science, food provenance, healthy eating and cooking skills.

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Greggs Foundation

The Greggs Breakfast Club Programme was established in 1999 to help primary school children get a nutritious start to their school day. Every school is provided with fresh bread from their nearest Greggs shop, and a grant to support start-up and ongoing costs. The average club costs just £2,000 to set up and run for a year.

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There are many breadmaker machines available on the market, but we have found, in our experience, that Panasonic machines are reliable, consistent and offer a wide range of baking options.

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