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Why Choose Carr’s Flour? Our flours are naturally as good as they can be.

Our careful sourcing and selecting only the best wheat, creates a range of specialist flours that are tried and trusted by Britain’s best artisan bakers and discerning home cooks.


Every time you bake, whether it’s a straightforward white loaf or a complex cake recipe, we believe the flour you use should be right for the job. So we select the finest wheat for our flour, because we know that when you start with the best, you get the best results.

Wheat is a natural product that can vary by variety, by region and by growing and harvest conditions from year to year. Wheat is selected to match its required end use.

Our knowledge of wheat allows us to select the best available and optimise its baking quality. When we mill, every grain is treated with care and attention to achieve the best flour. Once it has been milled the flour is checked for quality and we also bake bread in our test bakery to ensure it reaches its fullest baking potential. The better the wheat, the better the flour.

We work as closely as possible with suppliers and farmer cooperative’s. At Carr’s we think this is hugely important as the farmer knows where his wheat is going, what products we’re producing and knows we’re going to be here long term. This support and commitment gives farmers the confidence when planning what to grow. The majority of the wheat we buy is local to our mills.

We try and keep our waste to an absolute minimum and typically less than 0.08% of our production ends up in landfill as waste. During the milling process, a co-product is bran. We aim to minimise wastage as much as possible.

The bran produced is added into wholemeal and brown flours, inclusions into breakfast cereals or just food-grade bran. The remainder is not wasted and will be sold on and turned into animal feed to minimize waste.

Carr’s source English wheat from local farmers where possible and carefully blend with other wheats to produce flour of the finest quality. This local commitment helps to keep food miles to a minimum. Many of the farmers that supply Carr’s have been farming families for generations – indeed these farmers have been supplying Carr’s for generations.

Wheat is also delivered by ship into the ports next to the mills. Transporting wheat by boat, has a massive environmental benefit as it significantly reduces the number of lorries required to collect and deliver wheat. This helps the environment by reducing pollution.

Carr’s is a family-owned business, and one that places huge value on people. After all its people that make a good company great! A lot of employees across the three mills have worked for Carr’s many years.

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