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Why Choose Carr’s Flour? Our flours are naturally as good as they can be.


At Carr’s we work as closely as possible with local farmers and farmer cooperative’s. At Carr’s we think this is hugely important that the farmer knows where his wheat is going, what products we’re producing and knows we’re going to be here long term. This support and commitment gives farmers the confidence when planning what to grow.

The majority of the wheat we buy is local to our mills. Our Maldon mill actually sources most of the wheat within a 30 mile radius of the mill. This is one of the most fertile growing regions in the UK, with the most reliable weather and large amounts of sunshine.

Many farmers around Maldon consider that their main aim; growing quality milling wheat is to keep the local mill supplied. The mill based in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, however is in a very different region.

It has very different weather that produces a softer wheat that is lower in protein and is much more suited to making biscuits. This is why most quality shortbread is made in Scotland! 

We are involved in a variety of schemes and committees which benefits UK farmers. We attend agricultural events from trade shows to farmer briefings.
This is to ensure farmers know who Carr’s Flour are and also know that we’re keen to source the best possible wheat, as locally as we can as by supporting their businesses, they support ours.

Carrs Flour Mills, East Bridge, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 2SR

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