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Why Choose Carr’s Flour? Our flours are naturally as good as they can be.


We try and keep our waste to an absolute minimum and typically less than 0.08% of our production ends up in landfill as waste. During the milling process, a co-product is bran. We aim to minimise wastage as much as possible. The bran produced is added into wholemeal and brown flours, inclusions into breakfast cereals or just food-grade bran. The remainder is not wasted and will be sold on and turned into animal feed  to minimize waste. Carr’s flour is packed into bags and paper sacks that have been produced in the UK, using paper sourced from renewable forests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Carr’s source English wheat from local farmers where possible and carefully blend with other wheats to produce flour of the finest quality. 70% of the wheat supplied to Maldon comes from within 30 miles of the mill. This local commitment helps to keep food miles to a minimum. Many of the farmers that supply Carr’s have been farming families for generations – indeed these farmers have been supplying Carr’s for generations. 


We have a strong environmental ethos and currently operate our vehicles on Euro 6 engines, 6 now being the cleanest engine in the market. Wheat is also delivered by ship into the ports next to the mills in Kirkcaldy and Silloth. At Silloth, a single ship can deliver up to 3500 tonnes of wheat. This is the equilivant to 120 lorry loads of wheat. This method of transporting wheat, has a massive environmental benefit, as it significantly reduces road traffic, a large source of pollution.

At Kirkcaldy the majority of the wheat is delivered by boat  and the remaining wheat comes locally from Scotland and North East England. 

At Silloth  wheat is delivered via boat and the remainder by road from Yorkshire and Northumberland.

At Maldon the large majority of the wheat comes from within 30 miles radius of the mill. Sourcing locally is a key part of our ethos and it doesn’t just extend to wheat, we try and use local businesses as much as possible.


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