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Our Kirkcaldy mill on Scotland’s East coast is the most technically advanced in the UK.
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Hutchisons Mill at Kirkcaldy has a long history of flour production, dating back to 1826 when Robert Hutchison developed a grain processing plant which would eventually occupy a great swathe of the port area of East Kirkcaldy, on Scotland’s East coast. Carr’s head office is also based at the Kirkcaldy site.

The mill is one of only two remaining flour mills in Scotland and is located on the outskirts of the coast town of Kirkcaldy. Although still on its original site, there has been substantial investment at the Kirkcaldy site. In 2010 the port facilities were re-opened and in 2013 a new mill was built alongside the existing wheat storage facility. At the time of building this was the most technologically advanced mill in the UK, demonstrating Carr’s Flour commitment to innovation and investment.

The new mill maintained the great tradition of milling in Kirkcaldy while incorporating the very latest technological advances in wheat cleaning, blending, atmosphere control, food safety and on-line quality control.

The Hutchison, Kirkcaldy mill has served the Scottish bakery market successfully for many years and understand the special demands of the customers. The mill was specifically designed to include the flexibility required to produce the unique Scottish grades of flours.

Flour from locally-grown wheat is still regarded as the key ingredient in Scottish shortbread and biscuits. The mill’s port location enables the import of top quality grain via a cargo boat. Indeed  one boat can deliver the equivalent of 70 tankers of wheat, which has a massive environmental benefit. At Kirkcaldy 70% of the wheat is delivered by boat  and the remaining wheat is sourced locally from Scotland and North East England.

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Carr’s Flour Mills Ltd,
Hutchisons Mill,
East Bridge, Kirkcaldy,
Fife KY1 2SR

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