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SILLOTH MILL Our Silloth mill in the northwest of Cumbria is where it all began, built to mill the finest flour for our founder’s famous water biscuits.

In 1836 Jonathan Dodgson Carr started milling flour at the Carr’s Silloth Mill located in Cumbria. This was to supply flour for his famous Carr’s Table Water biscuit factory. Having seen for himself the human cost of the hated Corn Laws, which imposed strict tariffs on imported grain, Jonathan Dodgson Carr became a leading figure in the campaign to have them repealed.

Within months of the tariffs being lifted in 1846 the first samples of Canadian wheat had arrived in Cumbria in sturdy wooden trunks – and a flour revolution was about to take place.

Today our relationship with international wheat breeders and merchants, often cultivated over generations, ensures that Carr’s Flour Mills remains a champion of new wheat varieties for commercial use. 

50% of Silloth’s wheat requirement is delivered by boat. A single boat can deliver 3500 tonnes, which is equivalent to 120 loads of wheat.

It is here at the Silloth mill where the range of retail bags of Carr’s flour and own label brands are produced and packed.


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